drawer system

Drawer System

Space Edge has the right drawer system for any type of furniture. For the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living-room, office. Ingenious concept for systems to suit any application. Sturdy, smooth-running, convenient, attractive. Single or double-walled side profiles in a wide range of options. Comprehensive range of accessories optimised for the target group.

cutlery drawer system

Cutlery Drawer System

With compartments to hold everything from spoons, forks, knives, rolling pins and more in an organized manner, cutlery trays are versatile, must-have modular kitchen accessories for every home. This is a great way to do away with clutter and is especially handy when whipping meals in a hurry. The cutlery inserts are available in a variety of finishes to suit your preferences including metal, wood and PVC.

moving corner

Moving Corner System

Most of the time, corner spaces in kitchens typically go unused. However, you can access the most redundant corners of your kitchen with savvy solutions such as the LeMans corner and cabinets designed especially for the same. Other solutions include Dee tray, Magic corner and more. These clever, easy-access modular kitchen accessories are a boon, especially for small kitchens, as they can be installed in both upper and lower cabinets.These charming modular kitchen accessories promise to take care of all your clutter and will make cooking in your kitchen much more efficient.


Waste Bin System

Our range includes waste-bin concepts that allow you to segregate dry and wet waste with complete efficiency. We bring to you options in various waste-bin installations be it in the form of swing-out bins that are attached to the cabinet door or bins that settle snugly into under-sink drawers. Taking convenience to another level, we also offer you a very innovative waste bin concept that fits into your kitchen work-top for handy disposal of vegetable skins and cutting waste. As a range, we hold the potential to holistically meet all your waste management requirements offering you different bin capacities to meet the specific waste volumes that your kitchen generates.



Cosario is a completely new organization system for wall cabinets with convincing design and function. When opened, the bottom level swings out to provide access to the second level, which remains horizontal. In this way, everything is instantly within easy reach, neatly arranged, and stowed away again just as quickly after use. The attractive modern design with aluminium look harmonizes with all standard front decors – additional storage space that sets new accents in kitchen design.

pull out

Pull-Out Cabinets

By focusing on innovation, we have created storage solutions that use space more efficiently. With everything neatly organised and stowed away, your kitchen will feel more spacious too. Find everything from pull-out storage, larder units, and corner carousels to wicker baskets, vegetable baskets and internal pull-out drawers. Pull-out drawers can also have a drainer system or a pot and pan drawer to keep your dishes clean and dry.

tall unit

Tall Units

Tall units are an integral part of kitchen design, especially in cases where one needs to store huge amounts of groceries or items which have long shelf lives. These versatile modular kitchen accessories utilize vertical spaces and function like a pantry for kitchens that do not have one. These units when closed look like a part of the kitchen’s wall, giving the space a clean look while housing diverse items from oil and seasonings to wine and munchies and more in differently sized drawers and shelves.

dispensa swing

Dipensa Swing

Introducing even more motion into the kitchen, In addition to its adjustable shelving, railing for optimal visibility and fully utilized cabinet width. The DISPENSA Swing exhibits a very special feature: when completely extended, it can be rotated 90° on its own axis in a manner that allows both sides to be turned to the front as needed. An optimal overview with everything at your immediate grasp.  A storage solution that takes a turn swing, has individually height adjustable baskets/trays to maximize space utilization. Its special feature is its ability to turn on its own axis when it is fully extended. It can be turned left or right for easy access to either side.