We make our Modular Kitchens using High Quality Waterproof Plywood or MDF. A variety of decorative laminates are available to give sleek and modern finishes. Our designing abilities make it possible for our clients to get maximum possible storage space in their kitchen area with minimum/no wastage of space.


Modular kitchen furniture is incomplete without the accessories. The deep cabinets meant for the storage become non-essential in the absence of these accessories. Some of the most common appliances for the modular kitchen are baskets, trolleys, trays, drawers, and


Modular kitchen appliances have flooded the markets of Mangalore in India. These appliances are professional-style but easy to use for the average homemakers. Kitchen appliances are now available to meet every objective of the homemaker in a range of budget.

Our Main Message

Space Edge Furniture provides our customers with high quality ready assembled kitchens, build to last with professional kitchen design service. We have wide choice of kitchen styles to suit any home and any budget and extensive range of appliances and accessories to suit any kitchen.

Our motto is to provide first class customer care with comprehensive guarantees, without ant problems or issue. And we always deliver to your doors on time.

Our strategic hardware partner is an only HETTICH, BLUM & HAFELE. And We are the dealer of Kaff, Siemens , Kutchina. & Faber


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